Safety Compliance Solution

Safety is one of the most overseen compliance requirements by FMCSA. USDOT performs Safety Audit to spot unsafe carriers. The result of these Audits can lead to costly fines, downgrade of the Safety Rating

(which lead to raise in insurance premiums and less business) and up to putting carriers Out-of-Service permanently. 

Lot of fleet owners does not follow through with safety compliance, simply because it could be confusing. They are spending more time running and growing their business. But it is sad to invest so much time and money into your business, but then fail Safety Audit and loose everything you've being working for. Plus, if you run unsafe operations - you actually jeopardize public safety. 

In an effort to help trucking companies to understand Compliance better and to meet FMCSA requirements, as well as to improve public safety - we decided to offer Safety Compliance Solution for trucking companies for a very affordable price. The price that EACH new business will be comfortable to pay, but will receive in exchange extremely valuable information on how to run Safe and Compliant operation.

Our Safety Compliance Solution includes:

  • Driver Qualification File - The complete set of paperwork on Hiring; company manuals and forms needed to add new driver applicant to your company (26 pages), including all legal paperwork and Driver Handbook (42 pages)

  • Equipment File - Full set of paperwork, required each carrier to keep by FMCSA for every piece of equipment, which is operated under your Authority

  • General Company File - Complete set of documents, required each carrier to keep by FMCSA . Manuals, Company Policies, list of Permits, files and forms including something like what to do in case of an accident and so on. Extremely valuable! 

  • Driver Record of Duty and supporting documents - in this file you will have example of what paperwork you need to fill out and keep record of for every driver that being operating under your company's Authority.

Our Safety Compliance Solution package is set up in easy to understand format. It is well organized electronically with thorough description of each file and folder. Everything you need to do is set it up one time for your company (all documents could be adopted to reflect your business information) and then you will just follow the directions every week to keep your files updated for every driver. And, when it's your turn to go through USDOT Safety Audit - you will have everything they are looking for in well-organized format! It's up to you to keep it this way of course, but we will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to be prepared for your Audit.

And on top of that - our Safety Compliance Solution will save your time! For example if you run a fleet of up to 10 trucks - it will literally take you 1 hour each week to keep up with your Safety Compliance. It's that simple! 

And all this package is only $250!

Don't put Your Company at risk - use our knowledge on how to keep your business in Compliance with FMCSA for just 250! 

Have more questions on how Safety Compliance Solution can help your business? Call us now and we will be more then happy to assist! 

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