Obtaining USDOT and MC numbers

To operate as an Interstate or Intrastate carrier or to provide Property Brokerage services you need to obtain USDOT and MC numbers, also known as Operating Authority. Here at OPTIMA, we specialize in helping people to file necessary forms to FMCSA in order to apply for USDOT and MC numbers. The application process could be confusing sometimes. And FMCSA fees are not refundable, so mistakes in the application could cost you several hundred dollars, therefore you better trust professionals to fill out your application on your behalf. We helped hundreds of people to obtain their Operating Authority, so you can rely on our expertise at any time. We will not only fill up the Application on your behalf, we will guide you on what other steps you need to take after that. We will help you to process BOC-3 form, which is required by FMCSA as well as help you with getting the best Insurance quote for your business.

Next step after your MC is active? You need to file UCR before putting your business in service. And we are also here to assist you with that. Simply click on Contact us button below, mention USDOT or MC in the subject line and we will email you the form to fill out to get your application started.

Our fee is $600 for Operating Authority, which includes FMCSA fee

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