International Registration Plan

OPTIMA Safety Consulting is a Licensed IRP remitter in the state of Illinois. 

If you're Illinois resident, or if you have business registered in Illinois and you have Illinois Driver's License you are eligible for IRP account and we will be more then happy to assist you with setting up such account as well as assist you with obtaining Apportioned License Plates for Commercial Motor Vehicles.

If you reside outside of the state of Illinois - most of the time we still can assist you with your IRP account - do not hesitate to contact us with any IRP questions and concerns. Just fill out Contact form, mention you need IRP and your address and we will get back to you same day with list of required documents and Application. 

For new account set up our fee is $240

For IRP renewal or transfer our fee is only $95

Please note that State fee for Apportioned License Plate is not included and must be paid in Certified Funds to the Secretary of State. Fees are based on Gross Weight of your vehicle and reported miles (for renewals only)

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